Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I see the world through neon-tinted plastic :)

Today was a pretty chill day. I woke up, went to the dentist, took some photos for the Feature, had a piano lesson, and edited the page a bit. Therefore, my outfit is quite casual. See for yo-self:

Oh snap! Get it? 'Cause it's a camera? HAHAHA :)
Chillin' on a cooler (pun intended):

Being a superblogger:

Creeping in the background is superdog Cali. Her full name is California Ann Logan Peck O'Connor. Because she's cool like that.
Some more chill shots:

A nice detail photo of the necklace:

I bought this necklace in 8th grade right after a close friend of mine moved to Texas. Right by where the heart is. Get it?
Then i got a really neat idea to take some photos through the necklace:


Vest: Land's End sweater with the sleeves cut off
Shirt: Nana
Shorts: Mom's closet
Flip-flops: JCrew
Bracelets: Xmas and friend
Necklace: Naughty Secretary Club
Headband: Nana

So there you have it. Now, i ask you, beloved readers, what do you think of the new features? Any suggestions?
I love you all. Night!

Fashion Feature: Mariel

My dear friend Mariel is very into fashion. She has been one of my fashion inspirations ever since i befriended her on the second day of 9th grade. Therefore, it seemed quite apt for me to have her be my first-ever Fashion Feature. I asked her to bring two outfits to my house this fine afternoon and prepare to be photo-ravaged. Here she is:

Ain't she puuuuuuuurdy? :D Posing with her is my dearest doggie Cali. It was absurdly hot out today, but i had her go outside with me anyways. Here she is running hyperactively towards my fire pit:

Whatta cutie.
She was pretty energetic today, which yielded faces like this:

Even if she was evil, untalented and hated Disney, i would still be friends with her because of this face.
Wait, i think i just described Miley Cyrus. OOOOOOOH BURN!!!! :D
Here's another cute one:

I love this girl.
I then interviewed her in the comfort of my kitchen over glasses of grapefruit juice and ice water.

I abhorr the taste of it, but grapefruit juice is SO PRETTY.
Some lovely detail shots of jewelry and shoes:

Mariel made most of that jewelry herself.
Then, she changed clothes.
Outfit 2:

More loveliness:


And finally some nice photos of Mariel laughing at silly things i said purposely to make her laugh so i could take pictures of her:

Why do I have so many pretty friends? Dammit.
Hopefully, I'll be able to do this about once a month or so, and i might feature some follow-up photos of Ms. Mariel, since she dresses up like this every day. Post any suggestions in the comments, i will listen!
Adios, mejores.<3

What an emotional rollercoaster...

Yesterday I didn't wear a cute outfit. I didn't wear makeup. My hair was a mess. I barely ate all day, and when i did eat, it was fast food. I woke up at six am, left the house at 6:25, and didn't get home till one this morning.

Here's why:

That's me and my boyfriend, Tim. His awesome family took me to the marvelous and tumultuous Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. There are 9 rollercoasters in the park, and I went on all but one. I am a VERY big fan of rollercoasters. One of my favorites was Fahrenheit, which to some people is the scariest mass of metal on the planet. Here we are at the top of the first hill:

By "we" I mean Tim, his sister, his dad and me. This is our reaction photo:

It took Katie(sister) and I an hour to convince Tim to go on with us. He doesn't like the hardcore rollercoasters. He didn't move from that position for the entire ride. I was laughing hysterically the whole time, while my companions were screaming like babies. I felt like the worst girlfriend in the world... But it was FUN :D

This is us on the Tilt-A-Whirl:

He was just fine on that one, but he doesn't like the Octopus... weird.
Later, we went to the waterpark area. There was this one weird tower filled with slippery little children and ice water, and this was the only safety warning:

As Katie put it, in order to dive in 0ft. 0in. water, you'd have to trip... Wow, Hershey.
Here's a really stylish photo of Tim in Katie's shades:

I like the way the sun made everything look in this one:

Here's a lovely photo of Tim and Katie and I being launched like a bullet:

We always make the same faces... For this one, Tim just closed his eyes and said "IHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYSIHATEYOUGUYS" over and over and over... Whatta softie :3
Oh and here's a cute photo of us to finish:

I love that kid. Isn't he just so cute!? :)

Quick post about Saturday :)

Heeeey! Sorry I haven't been on in a few days. I've been really busy, which will be explained later. I just wanted to show you my costume makeup:

Our director had us all use the "Egyptian" eyeliner look, and my character specifically had to wear lots of silvery blue eyeshadow. For the hair all i did was flip my head over and spray it with hairspray until it was flammable. Gooooooorgeous!
That's about it...
Also, here's a lovely photo of my best friend, Charlotte:

I was experimenting with my camera and used her as the guinea pig :)

K, I'mma go make some popcorn, then sit down and write three more posts. Huzzah.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just me and my shadow...

Heyheyhey sorry I'm posting so late, friends. I was just watching movies wif mah mommah. We watched Pirate Radio and then the end of Napoleon Dynamite. Both highly recommended movies.
I'll tell you more about my day in a minute. First i gotta show you what i wore :D

I'm obsessed with that skirt. Aaaaah<3
A bit brighter:

Some detail shots:

I don't buy like any of my clothes...
So i was taking some chill photos in my front yard when i realized how awesome my shadow is at 11:30 am. This ensued:

So maybe i'm just a total arihead but OMG SHADOWS ARE SO COOOOOOL.
I'm tired of taking things for granted. I like shadows. Deal with it.

And here's my token torso photo:

Yeah. I look like Peter Pan...
SOOOOOOO, who wants to see my costume?
I should give some background info first. I'm playing one of 6 Gowers. We're basically like the Muses in Hercules, but really pale and creepy instead of black and gospelly. We have to stand on stage the whole play and watch the scenes and move our arms around CONSTANTLY. I'mma have massive biceps by the end of tomorrow. For makeup, we're doing hardcore heavy Egyptian black eyeliner blue and silver eyeshadow to create a sunken look, and hopefully white lipstick, which is gonna look SO INTENSE. Plus our hair is gonna be teased like Einstein hair. I'm waaaay pumped. Like unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts YEAH. Soooo, here's my incredibly attractive vest:

Dude i look so hot. :P
Top shirt: Mom
Tank: Gap
Skirt: New York & Co.
Headband: H&M (i think)
Bracelets: Mom & Stepmom
Shoes: Kohl's
Necklace: gift
Creepy Vest: STNJ<3333333333

So, officially I'm only supposed to post on weekdays, but i may post over the weekend just for fun cause I'm gonna be wearing some sweeeeeeet threads. Plus i'd like to show you what my stage makeup looks like. I must away to slumber now, as i have to wake up at 8 to get to rehearsal tomorrow. Night, homeskilletz. Peaceeeee.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like a ninja, or a secret agent or something.

So after the packet of Skittles of an outfit i wore yesterday, i figured black would be a good choice today. My mom just lent me all this old jewelry that used to belong to my great-grandma Sophie, so I really wanted to use my clothes as a backdrop for all this fantastic bling. Gold and i have just come to terms with each other. As I've delved more into the world of indie style, I've grown to love gold. Today's outfit is about demonstrating that black and gold don't have to look tacky together. Today's outfit is also about THIS NECKLACE<3333333:

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Grandma Sophie! Look at the detail on the back:

Here's a close-up of the earrings:

I don't have my ears pierced, and thankfully neither did Sophie. All of my clip-ons are from her.
Ok, full outfit photo:

I look like a ninja, or a secret agent or something.
Recon misson:

Closer, w/o the shades:

I'm sooooooooooooo chill.
Really intense one minus the jacket:

I really like this one. Sometimes all a teenage girl needs to feel pretty is an intense ninja photo.

I think my habit of taking shots without my head in them is becoming a tradition... K cool.
Looking really intensely at something:

I had a lot of fun taking these photos outside. The lighting is sososo much better there. These photos came out a lot differently than my bedroom ones, probably because i'm bolder outdoors. I'm a forest kid. I don't have to hide my face from the camera when there's sun shining on it :)

Tee: Gap
Jeans: Hot Topic
Belt(it doesn't go at all, brown leather with silver studs, so i tried to hide it): American Eagle
Headband: Nana
Necklace: Grandma Sophie
Earrings:Grandma Sophie
Ring:Grandma Sophie
Bracelet: the boyfriend
Oxfords: Doc Martens via Journeys
Jacket: Mandee

I'mma try to take more outside photos tomorrow. I actually haven't picked out my outfit yet... :o I should do that now. Yeah. I think i'll wear a skirt, since i'm gonna be changing into my costume when i get to camp anyways. We only have 2 days of camp left, which means HARDCORE DRESS REHEARSAL TIME WOOOOOOOOO! My character is gonna have some epic hair and makeup, and i'll probably post some photos here. So. Freaking. Pumped.

K, i'm going to pick out tomorrow's outfit, and you're going to comment below. Deal? Good. Night, peeps<3