what i'm listening to


Her voice is.... wow. Ethereal, haunting, pure, flawless, incredible. I love the simple quaility of the songs and the way the sections blend. Her site

Emily Wells:

Amazing violin playing, fantastic use of the looping device, and her voice, aaaaah.Listen here.

Imogen Heap:

This is what my imagination sounds like. This woman is incredible. Stalk her like I do here.

I'm madly in love with Matt Bellamy. I was at this performance, sobbing my eyes out, and I saw them again in Oct. 2010.
Their site. 
Jenny Owen Youngs:

My biggest girlcrush. I was at this show too, and if you look at my first post, there's proof i met her! She's so cute and amazing :)
Ben Folds:

AAAAAAAAAAAMAZING songwriter, like holy crap. And he's so funny!  I saw him live November 2010. Magical.


Sorry about the crappy video, I couldn't find anything better. These guys make me so happy ^-^
Dance party starts here.
Jukebox the Ghost:

I love these guys' piano and use of dynamics. Another fun band. Go here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers:

I started listening to these guys when I was 8 and I don't plan on stopping.
Hey oh.


I discovered her like 3 years ago from an Old Navy commercial... I'm glad I did :) Click it. DOIT.


I LOVE THEM THEY'RE SO SILLY :) My dad and I were supposed to see them the night before my brother was born, but no such luck. Probably seeing them in April :D No phone.

The Shins:

I got the amazing opportunity to see these guys live in May of 2009, and they did not disappoint. Highly recommended, even with the drama with James Mercer. Time to put the earphones on...

Broken Bells:

As long as I've got The Shins up, I should have this too :) La la laaaa.

And, of course, the queen herself, the namer of this blog, the reason I'm pursuing music:

Regina Spektor:

OHMYGODILOVEHERSOMUCH<333333333333333 If I ever get to meet her, I'll probably cry, faint, cry again, collapse in a fit of giggles, hyperventilate, and then sit up and ask why she ran away so fast.Regsite