Friday, April 1, 2011

No Pants: Day 1.

 Today is the inaugural day of April 2011, No Pants Month :)
 I decided to dress up a bit for the occasion.
 *awkward corner standing*
 The rules for No Pants Month:

  • No jeans, shorts, rompers, leggings, gauchos, harem pants, sweat/pajama pants, (not that I ever wear them) etc.
  • Tights and high socks are permitted.
  • Pants are allowed during slumber and gym class, but no other times.
  • All outfits must be cute; no slacking!
  • There must be at least one photo of each outfit.
  • The only exception for non-photographing is in the event of a pajama day where I just lay around all day: y'all don't need to see that.
  • K? :) This is gonna be so FUN!

 <- Loooove.

 I love the camera reflections in the pearls.
Headband: Mandee
Stockings: American Apparel
Shrug thingy: H&M
Jewelry/belt/dress: Vintage
Outfit 2: Comfier for being at home and going to the mall.
Dress: Belks
Shirt: American Eagle
Headband: Kohl's
Necklace: Gift

I am going to stick to this, no April fooling about it.

Tomorrow Megan and I are going to a matinee of Spring Awakening, just two gals at the theatre! I'm sooo pumped :)


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