Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Pants: Day 6. Cloudy with a chance of elephants.

 My first day with free toes and it rains... Wondrous luck, no?
 I adore this skirt so much :) It's from Spain but the tag says made in India...
 I like how the shoes have basically the exact same colors. And they both match my kitchen floor.
 (I'm not married, I promise.)
 I love watches, regardless of what time they tell :)
 <- Handmade bangles!
 I'm wearing so many colors, I match every room...
 Not only do my skirt and necklace feature elephants, my purse today has an elephant on the front as well!

Elephants are my favorite :)

 I love this necklace!
Feather necklace: Chico's via Gram
All other jewelry: Family
Skirt: the world?
Shirt: Pappy!
Cami: Banana Republic
Shoes: My stepmom hasn't realized I took them yet...
Flower: Charlotte Russe

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