Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last chance for pants!

 Today is March 31.
 Tomorrow is April 1.
 Which means....
 NO PANTS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I am so excited to not wear pants for a month.
 Too bad it's been snowing here. >:[

Oh, well! The show must go on!
Pants, jacket: Mandee
Cami: Gap
Bow: Kohl's
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Everything else: Mommy :)

See you (and my legs) tomorrow!

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts"-Marcus Aurelius

 I wore this yesterday. Not having to change for gym on Wednesdays allows me to experiment! :)
 People kept commenting on how many colors I was wearing, but, honestly, I wore mostly grey!
 I was trying to get a shot of my tri-tone eyeliner :P
Larger bracelet: J.Crew
Sneakers: Coach
Shorts: H&M
Shirt: Old Navy
Tights: Marshalls
Everything else: gifts

Some say she's from Mars, or one of the seven stars that shine at 3:30 in the morning...

 This is from Tuesday. Matt's out of town this week, so no unisexy :(
 But I believe this is a pretty stellar compromise, yes?
 I got so many strange looks... You should've seen Megann's face.
 Can you believe this shirt came with a crappy "Disco guy" Halloween costume kit?

It's always a good day when your eyelids match your shirt.
Shirt: Halloween store!
Cami: Gap
Belt: Kohl's
Fedora: Mandee
Jeans: Hot Topic
Necklace: ModCloth

The colors are bright, bright as ever: red is strong, blue is true.

 This was Friday the 25th. Mariel's scarf again.

 It's a pretty dang awesome scarf, yo.
Cardigan: Gap
Shirt, Jeans: Mandee
Everything else: Vintage or gifts.

Come head on, full circle, our arms fill with miracles!

 Sorry about the lack of posting for the past week and a half... Life has been... Unusual.
 The scarf is Mariel's, from last week's experiment. We had a snow day on Wednesday and I wore this on Thursday.

 <- A belt from a miniskirt I had in sixth grade
 Belonged to my surviving great-grandmother ->
Boots, vest: Mandee
Jeans: Hot Topic
Shirt: J. Crew
Accessories: Vintage

See ya!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I participate in too many fashion experiments.

 So this week Mariel and I traded five accessories.
Yesterday was great but I forgot to take pictures : /

Recognize this cardigan? It's mine!
 And then of course it's Tuesday....

This is my dad's shirt. Matt had to swim in it all day xD
 My version.
 Mariel's vest.

This made me so happy. Matt needs to wear vests all the time.
(Yes, I know you're reading this. WEAR VESTS MATT DO IT PLEASE)
I originally wore this with Matt's white button-down, but he was too lazy to strip in the band wing again so he made me just wear the vest. Hence the face.

Toomuchfashion...  -__-

But it's fun! See ya lay-tuh :)

Being a classy teenager means ironing your shirts with a straightener.

 I have been waiting for MONTHS to wear this shirt.
 I wanted to dress with some class to impress a bunch of choir gods who came to our school as guest artists.
 It was a jolly good time :)

<---- Reflection!
 Introspective teenager in B&W #6 million
 I have such a passion for patent leather :)

Jacket: H&M
Pants: Mandee
Shirt: Mom
Pin: Antique from Mariel!
Earrings, flats: Vintage
Headband: Marshalls
Ring: Nanny

Later, y'all!

Things that make me happy.

 Cute outfits.



 My camera.

Blue skies.

Finding new ways to wear things.

 These socks
Eyeliner that matches my socks.

 Giant piano scraves.
 Finding new ways to take a photo.

Black and white photos.
 The sun.

Reflections of trees.

My bright magenta lipstick.
 My smiley face necklace from fifth grade.
 Walking home in my rainbow shoes from 7th grade.

St. Patrick's Day 2011 :)

Shirt: Hot Topic
Shoes: Vans
Shorts: Justice
Scarf, socks: American Apparel
Necklace: It's old :P

Another thing to be happy about: this is my 100th post! :) *confetti drops*